Research Programs

Accelerating ingenuity and supporting effective organizations worldwide.

Novel treatment protocols

Investing boldly across critical challenges. Our innovative Focused Insulin Therapy (FIT) protocols aim to revolutionize care by slowing disease progression, particularly in underserved communities. Through rigorous validation and global collaboration, they strive to democratize advanced treatments, addressing the global diabetes pandemic with compassion and strategy.

The Digital Clinic and Patient

We are redefining healthcare with a global, patient-centric digital clinic model. By leveraging Web 3.0 and AI, we provide continuous, personalized medical services, particularly for those with diabetes, while reducing costs and barriers in underserved regions.

Biomarker Discovery

We are leading the way with our quantum biosensor initiative, enabling swift, precise, and affordable detection of biomarkers and pathogens. This groundbreaking research shifts from centralized lab testing to decentralized, real-time health monitoring. The quantum biosensor promises a future of personalized medical insights accessible to all, regardless of location or economic status.                              

Underserved Populations

We are dedicated to quality diabetes care in underserved communities. By integrating innovative protocols, digital clinics, and advanced health monitoring, we bridge healthcare gaps, offering scalable, cost-effective, and personalized solutions. Through strategic collaborations, education, and empowerment, we enhance health outcomes and global equity.                              

Operational Information

We live our mission by ensuring our organizational values embody how we operate, act, and make decisions.

Financials & Investments

We boldly invest in creative solutions to urgent challenges, sparking hope for our future.

Our Policies

MacArthur Staff and Directors are expected to conduct themselves with the highest professional and ethical standards. Our Code of Conduct emphasizes a number of policies and procedures to comply.

Staff Diversity & Inclusion

Progress is possible when we include all voices in the work to support individuals and organizations working directly to address our most pressing social challenges.