Our Team

Our dedicated executive team propels us toward innovation, aiming to be at the forefront of Diabetes Management.

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Board of Directors

Patrick Smith, President

Experienced in healthcare operations, clinical scale up, patient experience and technology.

Guy Zajonc, Secretary and Treasurer

40 years of experience as a business lawyer and entrepreneur, counseling numerous start-ups, and early-stage private and public companies.


Sharon Anderson Morris, Advisor

CEO of FiReFilms, supporting scientifically based documentaries from conception through distribution to educate, inspire, and transform humanity. FiREFilms is an initiative of the Strategic News Service.

Gary Bartholomew, Advisor

Built 12 tech companies, 5 IPO’s, created 1.5B in market cap, public company CEO and Chairman expertise.

Principal Investigators

Jonathan Lakey, Phd,  MSM. Scientific Advisor

For more than two decades, he has been a global research leader in the  fields of diabetes, islet and stem cell transplantation, exosomes,  cellular metabolism and signaling, immunology, cellular encapsulation,  in vivo biomaterial and bio-implantable polymers.

Sergey Babichenko, PhD

Expertise in laser and spectroscopy technologies & photonics. 2 Medical Devices Commercialized 120 Scientific Papers & 12 Patents

Jaak Järv, PhD

Secretary General, Estonian Academy of Sciences, Professor270 Scientific Papers & 2 Patents

Dr. Larisa Poryvkina, PhD

Expertise in applied spectroscopy, laser remote sensing, fluorescence. Senior Scientist of the Estonia Academy of Sciences,86 Scientific Publication and 8 patents

Aleksei Kuznetsov, PhD

Research Associate of the Chair of Organic  Chemistry,  University of Tartu28 Scientific Papers, 2 patents

Dr. Anton Mastitski, PhD

Research in synthetic biology and organic chemistry using Computational AI. Published 10 scientific paper

Dr. Jean Luc Gala. MD, PhD

Professor of Microbiology, Head CBRN Biological Threat Unit – EU MilitaryMD Infectious Diseases,  United Nations Investigator of Biological Threats

Operational Information

We live our mission by ensuring our organizational values embody how we operate, act, and make decisions.

Financials & Investments

We boldly invest in creative solutions to urgent challenges, sparking hope for our future.

Our Policies

MacArthur Staff and Directors are expected to conduct themselves with the highest professional and ethical standards. Our Code of Conduct emphasizes a number of policies and procedures to comply.

Staff Diversity & Inclusion

Progress is possible when we include all voices in the work to support individuals and organizations working directly to address our most pressing social challenges.